(Persia Digest) – The Astara border town in northwestern Iran is experiencing a rather busy time these days with its Azerbaijani customers crossing over to buy good quality bargains made in Iran.

An increase in the value of the manat currency and price rises for certain food staples in the Republic of Azerbaijan have prompted people to cross the historic Astara border town into Iran to do their shopping.

Of course, the lifting of visa requirements for Azeri citizens by the Iranian government has facilitated travel to Iran and highlighted their presence in the markets of Astara.

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Currently, over 2000 Azeri citizens cross the border between the Azeri and Iranian towns of Astara by land on a daily basis. These namesake border towns have become a center for purchasing daily supplies by the people living on the border. Astara’s terminal hall fills with goods sought by Iran’s Azeri neighbors every day, waiting to be transferred to the other side of the border.

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