(Persia Digest) – Official figures in Iran show a sharp drop in the number of marriages and a sharp increase in the number of divorces over the past decade.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that official figures for 2008 show the registration of 881,592 marriages in Iran; this figure is 549,861 for 2018. In other words, there has been a drop of 37.6 percent in marriages while the number of people in the marrying age in Iran has increased.

In 2008, 110,510 divorces were registered in Iran; this figure is 174,698 for 2018, showing a 58 percent rise during this period.

Also, statistical findings show that the ratio of divorce to marriage from 2008 to 2018 increased from 12.5% to 31.77%, indicating a worsening of the index in Iran.

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Statistics on the number of marriages per divorce also represent a worrying situation in Iran.

In 2008, there was one divorce for every 8 marriages, which in 2018 was reduced to 3.1 marriages per divorce.

Experts cite economic, social, cultural, and psychological reasons for the situation.

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