(Persia Digest) – Iran has decided to send some 8,000 of its graduate unemployed workforce to other countries in an organized move to avoid illegal labor migration.

According to the figures released by the Statistical Center of Iran, graduates of higher education institutes contributed to 38.5 percent of the total number of the country’s unemployed population last year (2018). Studies have also shown that this figure was 1.4 percent higher than its corresponding figure for the previous year.

Studies also indicate that graduates of higher education centers contributed to 23.9 percent of the country’s employed population in 2018 which was 2.4 percent more YOY.

Economic experts believe that sending a workforce abroad can be considered an economic solution and will help reduce unemployment rates. They added that several agreements have been signed earlier with Germany and Croatia to this end.

Meanwhile, advisor to Iran’s Entrepreneurship Development Department, Mohammad Reza Kargar, confirmed the report of sending 8,000 trained forces abroad, emphasizing: “We decided to organize the process of sending trained forces to other countries to avoid cases of illegal emigration.”

He added: “Although the estimated number is small, we try to prevent their emigration and also provide them with the necessary support in the country of destination so that they will have the chance to return to their own country again.”

The advisor to Iran’s Entrepreneurship Development Department added: “Another plan to become operational is to replace foreign nationals working in Iran with Iranian nationals. To this end, we are to deport some 21,000 illegal foreign nationals to their countries.”

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