(Persia Digest) - One of the historical attractions of Iran's capital is the Museum of Time. It is a blue plastered building in a garden with very interesting architecture and decorations.

In this museum you will get to watch old Iranian and foreign clocks from France, Switzerland, England and Germany. You can see works such as watch guard clocks, ship clocks, a variety of wristwatches, two-timer watches, clock repairing tools, and of course, you get to view an amazing Qajar building.

The timekeeping devices in this museum are displayed in several sections, which include basic clocks, mechanical weight-driven clocks and alarm clocks, pocket watches and wristwatches, and calendar devices.

Before you enter the museum, you can see sundials, water clocks, oil-lamp clocks, rope clocks, candle clocks and hourglasses.

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The first floor of the building houses clocks built from the seventeenth century to the twentieth century. Replicas of clocks with old engines, Louis XVI and Neapolitan III era clocks and ... all are housed in this section. These clocks feature a mix of the art and craft of clock making and various arts such as sculpture, vitreous enamel, mosaic and ... have been used in them.

One of the most fascinating sections of the Time Museum is the collection of clocks belonging to famous people who have donated them to the museum.

The museum has been registered on the National Heritage List of Iran since 2007.

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