(Persia Digest) – The Head of the Iranian Football Federation has pointed to difficulties in holding the new Premier League season, saying: “We will not start the games until the conditions are right.”

According to Mahdi Taj, topics discussed with law enforcement include admitting crowds of spectators with no tickets and the issue of selling tickets online.

The Head of the Iranian Football Federation is asking for standard conditions such as online ticket sales, numbered seats, and closed-circuit cameras in stadiums.

Mahdi Taj stressed: “Only a few stadiums in Iran can hold Premier League matches. If the rest of the venues are not equipped, the matches will certainly be canceled, or some of the teams may have to play in cities other than Tehran.”

Speaking about the hurdles faced by the league, former head of federation, Dariush Mostafavi, also said: “I believe the 19th league matches will either not be held, or else they will have to be stopped midstream; because, the clubs all have financial difficulties and are unable to sign decent contracts.”

According to him, the clubs have not been able to settle their debts for the past season yet and even owe money to sports shops for the jerseys they have purchased.

This former federation chairman reiterated: “If the Sports Minister and the cabinet apply pressures, the games may take place. But it will not be a decent league that can help our football.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that most football clubs in Iran are state-owned. Their BoD is selected by the government who also supports them financially.

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