(Persia Digest) – Inflation rates for the twelve months ending in May 2019 have reached 37.6 percent in Iran, showing an increase of 3.4 percent as compared to April.

The Statistical Center of Iran announced in May 2019 that the total index number (1395 [2016] = 100) reached 174.9, showing a rise of 0.8 percent. In this month, the percentage of change in the total index was 50.4 percent as compared to the same month last year; this means that Iranian families are budgeting an average of 50.4 percent more for the “same goods and services” as compared to May 2018.

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The price index in the major group of "food, beverages and tobacco" decreased by 0.2% as compared to April, and in the group of "non-food goods and services" increased by 1.3%. The percentage change in the price index in May 2019 as compared to May 2018 for both groups is a rise of 75 and 40.4 percent, respectively.

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