(Persia Digest) - Iran’s Persian Gulf Island of Kish and Afghanistan have explored ways to boost health tourism opportunities for Afghan nationals at the island.

IRNA reports that Kish Island authorities say they are ready to host health tourists from ECO member states, including Afghanistan.

They say flights have been established between Kabul, Mashhad and Kish.

Iranian free zones such as Kish Island are exempt from visas for foreigners.

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Abdul Jabbar Shelgari, a senior advisor to Abdullah Abdullah, Afghanistan’s CEO, stressed that there are many common grounds such as language and culture between Afghanistan and Iran that can be used to boost health tourism for Afghans in Kish Island.

Hashem Vahaj, a member of Afghan Chamber of Commerce said boosting health tourism in Kish Island needs media propaganda and that a joint health company between Afghanistan, India and Pakistan can help to this matter.

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