(Persia Digest) – Iran spends one cent for every tourist visiting the country, while this figure is between a dollar and 46 dollars per capita in other countries.

The Head of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran has objected at the low budget to market tourism, saying: “Many countries spend 1.7-2.2 dollars for every tourist in marketing. This is not even a few cents in Iran.”

In 2010, the World Tourism Organization (WTO) announced that the global budget to advertise for tourism was from 2MM to 151MM dollars. This figure must have increased after the passing of nine years.

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In its report, WTO divided countries into three categories of ‘advanced’, ‘new and successful in tourism’, and ‘seeking success’ based on their marketing budget and number of tourists.

The first category or the top ten, including France, Spain, Germany, Britain, and Austria had a budget of 40MM-97MM in 2010.

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The second category, such as Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, and Malaysia had a government budget of 40MM-151MM.

The third category, such as Cyprus, the Bahamas, Malta, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka had a budget of 5MM-113MM.

The marketing budget for tourism in Iran has been neglected while media outlets opposed to Iran have been portraying it in an unreal, threatening light to affect world opinion.

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