(Persia Digest) – Over 100 university professors and Iranian academics have written an open letter to the head of the judiciary, asking him to step in and bring a happy ending to the file of jailed environmentalists.

The letter reads: “More than 500 days have elapsed since the provisional arrest of a number of well-known environmentalists in Iran for spying. Differing opinions between the country’s two intelligence organs, where one describes them as spies and the other believes their activities were part of a research, has confused and dragged on the case. This means that the faith of a number of this country’s professionals who have given their youth to protecting Iran’s biodiversity remains in limbo. Their continued detention only spreads further hopelessness among the youth, graduates, specialists, and environmental organizations who play a major role in safekeeping the prosperity of this land.”

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that a number of environmentalists were arrested in the winter of 2017. Subsequently, prison officials announced that one of the detainees, Kavous Seyed Emami, had committed suicide in prison. The judiciary went on to announce that the verdict for the group was spying. This led to many objections. A few months after the arrests, Intelligence Minister Seyed Mahmoud Alavi, and the Head of the Iranian Department of Environment Issa Kalantari, announced that the detainees were not spies and must be freed. But, after the passing of one and a half years, their faith continues to remain unknown.

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