(Persia Digest) – A masterpiece of the 13th-century Islamic architecture and the world's tallest brick dome, the Soltanieh building has been registered as a Unesco World Heritage site in 2005 at its committee meeting in Durban, South Africa. It is Iran’s seventh historic monument on its list of national heritage. The octagonal monument in the town of Soltanieh is located in northwestern Iran. Its nearest big city is Zanjan at a distance of 40kms from here.

The main building material used in the Soltanieh Dome monument is bricks. This is the first building where a continuous double-shell dome was constructed. The outer shell is covered with turquoise and lapis lazuli mosaic tilework. The main body of the dome and the entire building has been constructed with bricks.

The Soltanieh Dome is a masterpiece of Iranian architecture in the Islamic era. Its ornaments include brickwork, stucco, inscriptions, tilework, colorful paintwork and patterns, and wood and stone works.

Gypsum is used extensively in the interior and exterior façades. Live, cooked, dead, and raw gypsum is used here as fixture on the back of the tiles, in mortar for bricks, stucco works, inscriptions, and custom molded ornaments that come in various sizes. This type of ornamentation is highly diverse and displays a great technique in the artistic endeavors of this building.


Photos: Abdolreza Vala’ei/IRNA News Agency

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