(Persia Digest) – Farhad Sadeghi is an artisan from the lush Anzali Port in northern Iran. He is known by his fellow citizens here with the iron robots that he creates. He has recently made an interesting horse that can be ridden, made of loose sticks of wood on the beach.

Farhad Sadeghi is an artisan who makes static and moving robots from used parts. This designer and builder of robots was born in Anzali Port in Guilan Province on the Caspian shore in 1961. His main job is making showcase refrigerators. Seven years ago, he made his first junk art robot inspired by sci-fi movies.

Cheered on by his friends and fans, Farhad continued his work and created more robots. His latest creation is a robot horse made of loose branches from the beach.

His musings on his latest creation are: “Walking on the beach one day, the loose bits of wood that are washed out on the beach, especially after a storm, sparked an idea in my head. Right there and then, I designed a way of recycling these in my work to create a different piece of art by cleaning up the beach at the same time.”

He points out to the different shape of every stick, and adds: “I spent three weeks collecting wood from the beach. The idea came to me to make a wooden horse with them. I chose every piece carefully to shape the torso of the horse on a metal skeleton. I used the smaller pieces to fill the void in-between.”

Sadeghi goes on to say that he had an eye on recycling from seven years ago and has been able to transform junk into art. He adds: “Lots of wood is to be found for this type of work right here on the Anzali beach, especially in autumn and winter.”
Anzali Port is situated 40kms to the west of centeral Guilan Province. Many visitors holiday here every year for its sea, forest and other natural blessings from around Iran.


Photos: Reza Akbari/IRNA News Agency

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