February 02, 2018 08:45
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(Persia Digest) – Migrating flamencos leaving cold Siberian winters have arrived in Miankaleh wetlands. These are the last flock of birds to land here for the remainder of the winter.

With the first autumnal winds bringing temperatures down in Siberia, it is the common Eurasian teals that migrate from the northern Caspian Sea region to Miankaleh, followed by the garganey. The Northern shoveler, the mallard, brown gylar, the pintail, grey goose, greater white-fronted goose, and the Eurasian coot are the last ones to fly to Miankaleh to spend the winter here. In the last month of winter, as the weather warms up little by little, the birds return to Siberia over a period of two months.

Out of the 8900 known bird species in the world, 504 live in Iran - 230 of which live in Miankaleh wetlands (100 species live in the wetland and 130 live on dry land).

The training officer for the environmental organization of Behshahr has stated that the number of bird species has dropped in Miankaleh: “In 2005, one million and 200 thousand birds were counted in Miankaleh. This number dropped every year until it reached 470 thousand in 2015, and 390 in 2016. This shows a drop of one-third in Miankaleh over ten years.


Photos: Morteza Fakhrinejad – Ahmad Balbasi / IRIB

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