February 12, 2018 09:23
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(Persia Digest) – As he came home from school every day, he would remove the bolster from the wall, pick up a black pencil and write everything he had learned that day on the wall behind it. He returned the bolster to its place hurriedly as soon as his mother returned home and continued with his homework. Once, in the beginning of autumn, grandfather had tried to put the chimney flute in place in the wall; but the plaster on the damp wall had chipped off. From then on, the heater was never moved again from that spot to hide the damage. I think it must have been towards the end of July, or maybe even June, when mother decorated the entire kitchen with grape designs. Another time, someone stood at the window here; as she was feeding the doves dry bread, she watched bricks being stacked up to build a tower. From that day on, only a brick wall could be seen from the window. There was life here once, someone fell in love here once, and life was born here. The memories of this place, all its hidden mysteries, are imprinted in the minds of those who lived here. Once upon a time, this was the safest place on earth. And now, there is “Dander of falling debris”.


Photos: Farnoush Farshchi/Shahrara

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