February 16, 2018 09:09
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(Persia Digest) – Heavy snowfall nationwide in recent weeks meant that the favorite ski slopes of Tehran finally reached ideal conditions and they are open for business again.

Snowfall in Tehran and surrounding areas reached one meter in the “Tochal” ski slopes to the north of the city. The slopes are only five kilometers from the Iranian capital and are the closest to urban areas in the country.

Tochal has three standard cable car lines, three chairlift lines, and lots of natural snow. It is Iran’s only standard, fully equipped ski resort and has received its national standards certificate for all its ski lift lines for the second year running. It is ready to receive skiers and winter sports lovers. Current temperatures in Tochal’s seventh station is -18˚C.

Tochal peak stands 3962 meters tall in northern Tehran and is part of the Alborz Mountain Chain. Its southern slopes are adjacent to Tehran and the peak overlooks the city. This summit is located in the south of Alborz Central, on the east-west ridge. It is limited in the east to the Lezoun, Kolakchal, and Darabad mountains, and in the west to the Shah-Neshin mountains and Imamzadeh Davoud shrine.


Photos: Ahmad Balbasi/Vahed Markazi Khabar

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