February 19, 2018 16:50
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(Persia Digest) – A plane carrying 60 passengers and crew crashed in Semirom, near Isfahan, yesterday. Rescue efforts to find the plane which is believed to have crashed near Dena Peak have not been successful yet and no wreckage has been found. Over 150 professional mountain climbers have been dispatched to the area to help in the rescue.

The Aseman Airlines ATR 72-500 passenger plane disappeared from radar early yesterday morning. An hour later, news of its crash near Dena Peak, between Isfahan and Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad provinces, was confirmed by the authorities. Despite efforts by search and rescue teams, the police, a special search unit, and all the provincial help units, the exact site of the crash has not been pinpointed yet. The search continues. Yesterday’s weather conditions made it very difficult for the rescue teams to reach the area due to heavy rain and fog.

Ground and air search operations continued today and helicopters were dispatched to the area. According to Aseman Airways officials, the plane hit Dena Peak near “Bideh” village, 14 miles before reaching the Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad provincial capital, Yasuj.


Photos: Kazem Ghan’e/IRNA News Agency, Mehr News Agency

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