February 23, 2018 08:53
News ID: 6099

(Persia Digest) – Following two days of searching in the Dena mountain heights for the wreckage of the Tehran-Yasuj (capital of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province) flight, 45 bodies of the crash victims have been recovered.

The wreckage of the plane that crashed on 18 February on Dena Peak has been found near “Naghle” village, on the heights of “Pazan Pir” valley. Search teams were able to transport the bodies down from this impassable route on stretchers. The bodies will be taken to Yasuj forensics for identification and legal procedures. According to officials, 45 bodies have already been recovered, 15 of which have been identified.


Photos: Kazem Ghan’e/IRNA News Agency

               Hamidreza Niku-Morad/Fars News Agency

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