February 28, 2018 12:59
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(Persia Digest) – Farnaz is a young girl who has chosen a tough, unconventional career. She spends her working days dealing with nails, sledgehammers, mallets, furnaces, and anvils. She is Iran’s only lady farrier and horse whisperer, specializing in equine hoof care.

Farnaz Hasehmi is known by many for the unconventional career she has chosen for herself. She is a young girl who owes her success to her daring and perseverance in a vocation that she loves.

Iran’s only lady farrier is 23 years of age. She got on a horse for the first time at the age of three. Later, her father enrolled her in an equestrian school. But this was not the only sport Farnaz pursued. She says: “Together with horse riding, I had professional Karate training for 14 years and obtained a number of international standings. I couldn’t follow my riding professionally in those days, because I spent six to seven hours a day practicing Karate. Eventually, I decided that I couldn’t find the excitement I was looking for in this sport and made the change-over to equestrian.”

Farnaz trained for professional horse riding since childhood. She began her apprenticeship seven years ago with a professional trainer in the field. She says: “Throughout my four years of apprenticeship, I stood by my trainer’s side from 07h00 to 17h00 every day to learn the skills I needed for this job.”

She has an unforgettable memory from her early days: “I saw the process from afar when I was seven. I found it really exciting. But, I was not allowed to go closer to watch. They kept saying it’s dangerous for you. Stay away. From that day onwards, I kept thinking about how the horseshoes were changed and why it was so dangerous for me.”

This curiosity became an incentive for her in later years. She brought the issue up with her father during her pre-university exams and asked him to find someone who could teach her the art.

Long years have passed from the days when Farnaz Hashemi was a horse rider to her days as a farrier; bittersweet years. She has this to say about her different choice in life: “When I became a novice to train as a professional farrier, I was always greeted with inquisitive looks by young and old without fail. When they see me at work, they stop and take a close look at what I’m doing. I have now come to terms with the looks.”


Photos: Majid Azad/Jām-e Jam

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