(Persia Digest) - Ninja Ranger is a martial and demonstrative art that has grown significantly in recent years, especially among young women. Tabriz is one of this exciting sport’s main places of origin.

"Ninja Ranger" consists of two words "Ninja" and "Ranger", and it is referred to someone who has been specializing in several martial arts. In the martial arts, "Ninja ranger" is a skilled person who specializes in all sports. The founder of this sport in Iran is Firooz Khanjari and its main training center is located in Shahriar. Firooz Khanjari, in 2004, with the goal of making it a ring sport, created a great turning point in this sport in Iran, to empower ninjas and introduce them to the world. This field is active as an association under the Martial Arts Federation in 25 provinces.

 In addition to men, women are also active in this sport and martial arts clubs in different provinces of the country train women in this sport. The following pictures show the Women's Ninja Martial Arts Club in Tabriz, one of the main places of origin of this sport.

Photos: Seyyed Kazem Yousefi / IRNA

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