(Persia Digest) – Shiraz valley is one of the more spectacular valleys of Lorestan Province, western Iran, 45kms northeast of Kouhdasht town.

Seimareh river crosses the valley and its untouched landscape which attracts tourists to it for its amazing springs, waterfalls, and wild fruit trees.

This is a natural attraction in the district of Zardalan, in a region called Oladghobad, with abundant water, sharp cliffs, and wild fruits.

The strait is 5kms long with a river flowing through it. It joins Seimareh river at the entrance to Shiraz. Shiraz straight is surrounded by cliffs measuring 150-200 meters high. The slope of the cliffs begins at an altitude of less than 10 meters near the Gardagh village and reaches its peak in Haftrack at the end of the valley.

The wild fruit trees in the strait include grapes, figs, and pears, growing between two grand mountains. In the midst of these mountains lie gorgeous caves, seemingly the habitat of cavemen in the early days of mankind.


Photos: Ali Karimi

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