(Persia Digest) – Andaj Valley with its high rocks is one of the most beautiful and greenest areas in Rudbar-e Alamut District of Qazvin.

One of the most beautiful and greenest valleys in Qazvin Province is the Andaj Valley. This valley is located in Alamut District and starts from Khorram Var Mountains and ends in the village of "Shahrak".

The area has always been suitable for human living due to environmental capabilities, the existence of natural caves and the mountain types. The name of this valley and its river is derived from the name of a large village of the same name at the end of the valley.

The village is located 15 km from the city of Moallem Kalayeh and 80 km from Qazvin.

The existence of multiple rivers and springs in this area has caused the village to grow, creating rice fields and fruit gardens. The villages of Sayen Kalayeh, Molla Kalayeh, Kandan Sar and Andaj are located along the river's route. On the river bank, between the villages of Molla Kalayeh and Kandan Sar, there are remnants of pre-Islamic villages built using small and large river rocks. There are several natural caves along the Andaj Valley and the river’s course, which, based on the geographical location and environmental conditions, seems to have been human habitats in the past. Wild animals, which could be hunted, such as wild goats and boars, increase the likelihood of human existence in this area.

Wild animals such as boars and leopards, bears, jackals, foxes and birds like eagles, bearded vultures, partridges, see-see partridges, etc, are also among attractions of this area.


Photos: Amin Rahmani / IRNA

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