Persia Digest - Mosques are known for the breathtaking interior art that’s contained within their walls. From the “pink mosque” to the dazzling Shah Cheragh, these places of worship have interiors awash in vibrant color and tile work so intricate that it is hard to believe they were created by the human hand. During a trip to Iran, photographer and filmmaker James Longley visited several mosques and palaces in Isfahan, one of the historical capitals of Iran.

Each of Longley's photographs showcases a different view of an Isfahan interior, and every shot is a stunning representation of these awe-inspiring places. From royal purples to glittering golds, the ceilings and walls are completely covered in patterns of classical Persian and Islamic art. Many motifs have a mandala-like structure with a central point that radiates different shapes and hues.

During a trip to Iran, photographer James Longley captured the dazzling beauty of Isfahan mosque ceilings.

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