(Persia Digest) – Following Netanyahu’s speech at the UNGA and the mention of Turghuzabad, the name went viral and many believed that this was just a term to describe a distant place.

Turghuzabad is in fact a village in the Kahrizak District of Rey County in Tehran Province. According to the last census of the Statistical Center of Iran in 2006, it has a population of 2803 people, including 669 families.

Two narratives exist on the naming of this village. According to the first one, the place had an Azeri owner who had a daughter by the name of Turan. In Azeri, “Ghez” means daughter; hence, the village was named Turan-Ghez, of which Turghouz is a derivative. According to the second narration, the lands where cotton was cultivated here belonged to a landowner who had a daughter called Turghuz and, hence, the village name.

The village has a school, a health center, a multi-purpose store, Postbank, bus route, and a village council. A shrine in the village also has a cemetery where the departed of the village lie in peace.

In his speech at the UN, Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, claimed that Iran has a secret atomic storage place close to Tehran and gave the address as Maher St in Turghuzabad. According to him, this place is close to a carpet washing company.

If the geographic coordinates of the place mentioned by Netanyahu at the General Assembly of the United Nations is searched on Google, it will come up to the southwest of Tehran, between Islamshahr and Kahrizak. This place is about eight kilometers away from Tehran-Qom toll booths, and at a distance of around 5kms from Vavan town in Islamshahr.

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