(Persia Digest) – The historic Birjandi house museum in Borujerd, Lorestan Province in western Iran, belongs to the Qajar era. Murals painted in the style of European artists adorn its walls.

The building connects to the courtyard with a corridor in its west wing. Its introvert design has placed the courtyard at the center of the inner sanctum with a stone pond, surrounded by brick walls with arched niches.

The main mansion is in the north of the courtyard on three floors. The ground floor is elevated by 80 centimeters from the courtyard level and comprises three interconnected room with arched windows.

Eight teps lead to a semicircular entrance from the courtyard into the first floor with ceiling beams. There are three rooms on this floor with large sash windows opening up onto the yard.

A staircase leads up to the second floor from the first floor. There is one single room on this floor which is the “main seat” of the house. It has a detailed sash window with paintings on the plaster and wood pertaining to the Qajar era.

Paintings of the walls, niches, and the ceiling of the main seat have been inspired by European styles and culture under Qajar reign.

Photos: Alireza Soleimani/IRNA

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