(Persia Digest) – Kurd Olia underground city is one of the world’s special underground worlds dating back to Parthian times. This was used as a military base.

The city is in Karoun district near Tiran town in Isfahan province. It has a surface area of 20 thousand square meters and is one of the world’s unusual underground cities. The Parthians used it as a military-security base. It was discovered in 2016 and 1600 square meters of it have opened to the public thus far.

A group of experts believe the city belongs to the Safavid period and was constructed by the Armenians resident in the region. A group of archaeologists discovered its historical and cultural aspects following excavations.

When Shah Abbas I moved groups of Armenians to Isfahan, some settled in Kurd Olia, Tiran, and Karoun as farmers. The cold winters and outbursts of periodical insecure conditions in the area prompted villagers to carve spaces underneath their houses to protect themselves and their livestock at times of tourble and in cold weather.

The spaces are a labyrinth of interconnected rooms and wide corridors, forming a large underground city. As Armenians migrated from this place, the city gradually lost its importance under the dust of time and some of its entrances were boarded up.

Eighty houses rest in a village over the city which is estimated to have an area of 20 thousand square meters. Only 1600 square meters is currently open to the public.

Photos: Rasoul Shoja’ei

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