(Persia Digest) – Keyvan is an unknown waterfall 25kms northwest of Gachsaran County, in Lishtar, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, Iran.

The waterfall is unknown to most and untouched in nature. It is at the confluence of two rivers or valleys called “Darreh Tang Darak” and “Darreh Sur (Shur)” by the locals. On the one side, the area is flanked by tall waterfalls, vegetation, and large ponds; on the other side, stepped waterfalls and natural pools suitable for swimming add to its beauty.

More than three-quarters of the way to the waterfall is accessible by car. The remainder will have to be walked. The waters from the mounts Deyl, Ab Garmou, and Chahar Bisheh near Abdollahi station merge together to form a seasonal river which runs from mid-fall to end-spring. This is where it creates a stepped view with seven small waterfalls not to be missed.

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