(Persia Digest) – The Ghavam-e-Dowleh House, also known as the Vosough House, is one of Tehran’s elegant, historic houses in the heart of the capital. It has been registered as a National Heritage site. It was constructed in 1838 during the rule of Mohammad Shah of Qajar and belonged to one of the dignitaries of the time by the name of Mirza Mohammad Ghavam-e-Dowleh Ashtiani.

One of the features of this building is the order and symmetry designed in its façade with bricks and timber. The “haft-dari” [room with seven French windows] in the building is one of its important aspects. Haft-dari [French windows] is a feature of Iranian architecture. Two wind catchers and a gable front add to its symmetry.

The wind catchers are made of brick and the upper crenellations are decorated with mirrors, displaying a perfect harmony between the ornaments in different parts of the building. The crème de la crème in the building is its mirror hall on the ground floor of the north wing. It is decorated with European style paintings and was used as a guest room to entertain European visitors.

The building is now at the disposal of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and its members have offices here.

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