(Persia Digest) – A historic edifice and legacy of Islam, Damghan mosque is a complete sample of the first mosques in the advent of Islam. Its architecture has been influenced by Sassanid architecture due to its close proximity to this era. Historically, Damghan, like other mosques in early Islam, has no ornaments. Damghan's historic mosque has been renovated numerous times. It is the oldest mosque in Iran after the Fahraj Yazd mosque. This building was built at the time of the first Abbasid Caliphate, between the years 132 AH and 170 AH (Anno Hegirae) [751- 787 CE].

There is a consensus about the date of its construction which is attributed to the middle of the 2nd century AH. The name of the mosque is composed of the two words “tari” [God in Azeri] and “khaneh” [house].

This is the first mosque where minarets have been built. The early construction of this building dates back to the pre-Islamic period and was preceded by the Arab domination of Iran. It was constructed as a fire temple and later turned into a mosque.

 Photographer: Ahmad Amir Ahmadi/IRIB NEWS AGENCY

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