(Persia Digest) – Palangan is a village in Kurdistan Province, western Iran, which has come to be known around the world for its stepped architecture.

Palangan is in the Javroud rural district, in the periphery of Kamyaran town in Kurdistan Province. It is 47kms to the northwest of the town in Tangivar valley. The village is on the foothills of a mountain, constructed on both sides of the valley. The houses are mainly built with rocks in a stepped style of architecture. The rooftop of every house is the courtyard of the house above.

Apart from its unique architecture, springs, waterfalls, and scenic landscape, a stream runs through the village that flows into the Sirvan River.

Palangan dates back to pre-Islamic times, to the Median Period. But the existing village is 500 years old. Two narratives are available for its namesake. Palangan means the leopard’s den [palang in Persian is leopard]. Also, “pal” in Kurdish means “to lean”. The village has an old cemetery where a few tombstones remain with Kufic writing on them, dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries. But its most important feature is its stepped architecture which has brought it to the world’s attention.

Photos: Saman Rahmatian/IRNA

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