(Persia Digest) - Čahārṭāq literally means “four arches”. The Čahārṭāq building, or Teimuri Mausoleum, is just outside the Ziarat Shirvan village in northern Khorasan Province, in the Imamzadeh Hamzeh enclosure.

The edifice dates back to the beginning of the Teimurid period in 1358. It is the mausoleum of a famous sardar of the era, Amir-Teimur Gourakani. It was initially covered with a black gravestone which was later stolen.

The mausoleum is a raw brick octagonal building. The sides leading to the entrance span six meters and all the other sides span 4 meters each. The height of the dome is five meters from the top of the main construction. The upper part of the building also has an arched design and skylights admitting the light over doors with the same width. Turquoise stuccowork with Persian style inscriptions encircle the interior above the doors.

The building has been registered as a National Heritage under no 4808.

Photos: Saeid Tolou’ei/Tasnim

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