(Persia Digest) – The “Bardgouri” in Chaharmahal & Bakhktiari Province are its oldest stone relics belonging to Median times until the end of Sassanid rule.

In Iran’s ancient Zoroastrian culture, bodies were not buried as the earth was considered sacred. These were placed in compartments cut in stone mountains. These towers of silence for the dead were called “Bardgouri” in the Bakhtiari dialect. “Bard” means rock and “Gour” means grave. Ancient Bakhtiari people buried their dead at the heart of these rocky graves, in a space measuring 3x2x1 meters, facing flowing waters which were the symbol of light and birth.

Twenty-eight “Bardgouri” have been registered on Iran’s National Heritage list. These are scattered individually or in groups in parts of Dinaran, Miankouh, and Bazyaft in the province.

photo: mahmood raeisi

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