(Persia Digest) – An Iranian video game with a simple, yet challenging, gameplay has managed to win various awards in numerous domestic and international festivals and attract many fans.

The game called “Engareh” is designed by Mahdi Bahrami based on Iranian-Islamic art and culture. It was released on 23 October 2017 and its riddles are based on geometry.

The only thing the players need to do in the game is to draw algorithms and enjoy the graphics and music. The use of Persian Eslimi patterns in the game make it instantly recognizable, an idea which will definitely help Iran become better known to players and familiarize them with Iranian art and culture.

Some media outlets call the game the cultural ambassador of Iran's gaming industry. Prior to release, the game has won the Best Cultural Video Game title and Best Game Design at the 6th Tehran Game Festival, and the IGF Annual Independent Game Festival. It was nominated as the most creative game at IndieCade Festival in Los Angeles, and TGC and Sense of Wonder Night 2017 Tokyo Game Show.

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