(Persia Digest) - Abuzeydabad desert which is located in the city of Aran va Bidgol in the northernmost part of Isfahan province, has mysterious features according to desert hikers.

In this desert, beside an untouched mountainous region and a unique wildlife, there are regions where the water level from the earth's surface is less than half a meter.

The tourist attractions of Abuzeydabad desert area are located in the north and along the 25 km long dirt road. About 8 km from the city, sandy hills become visible, but to go to the bigger and more beautiful hills, you have to cross the desert route and the Aroos Salt Lake bypass.

This desert is the habitat of birds such as the golden eagle, the common buzzard, the saker falcon, kestrels, bustards, partridges, see-see partridges, sandgrouses and cream-colored coursers, and reptiles such as pseudocerastes, echis, schokari sand racer, the diadem snake, the braid snake, monitor lizards, the leopard gecko, and black tailed toed agama.

On the trip to Abuzeydabad, in addition to desert hiking, you can visit the Safavid Caravanserai, the ab-anbar (cistern) and Ouyi underground city, the castle of Karshahi and the historical city of Noushabad, which is claimed to have been the Sassanid capital.

Photos: Asghar Khamseh / Mehr

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