(Persia Digest) - The village of Naiband in Tabas County, with its multi-storey adobe and mud houses on a rocky hill, is known as the Masuleh of the desert.

The historic village of Naiband is 140 km from Deyhuk to Ravar road, in Deyhuk District, Tabas County, South Khorasan Province. Due to the remoteness of the village from city centers, its historical fabric has not undergone serious changes and damages so far.

This historic fabric has become known as Masuleh of the desert due to the architectural design of the village, in which the roof of a house is the yard of the upper house. These houses were built stepped-like by using mud, foliage and tree branches such as palm and local trees on a rocky hill.

The village also has watch towers to protect it from insurgent attacks in the past. The historic village of Naiband also has beautiful natural gardens and fields, with fruits such as dates, oranges, lemons, tangerines and sour oranges which are its main products.

Photos: Sajjad Najafi / IRNA

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