(Persia Digest) - Potash salt village is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Iran's Dasht-e Kavir (Great Salt Desert), and the city of Khor and Biabanak.

The touristic salt village is located at the top of the potash mine tourist route in the city of Khor, Isfahan Province. The potash salt village project includes a salt waterfall, salt cafe and salt lodging suites which opened two years ago.

Moreover, agricultural fields and palm groves, sand ponds, restaurants and coffee shops, a motorcycle track, off-roading and sports spaces are among the other recreations of the comprehensive project of Khor and Biabanak Potash Tourist Complex.

Khor and Biabanak Potash Complex is the first potash producer in Iran, with the largest evaporite reserves in the Middle East, located in Dasht-e Kavir of Iran, 450 km east of Isfahan and 30 km from Khor and Biabanak. The complex aims to produce 50,000 tons of potassium chloride annually as fertilizer, 300,000 tons of sodium chloride for petrochemical, oral, and pharmaceutical use, and 30,000 tons of magnesium hydroxide.

Photos: Morteza Zanganeh / ISNA

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