(Persia Digest) - Deir-e Gachin Caravanserai in Qom, dating back to 1750 years ago, known as “Mother of Iranian Caravanserais” is located on the western end of the Great Salt Desert (Dasht-e Kavir).

Deir-e Gachin Caravanserai, one of the biggest caravanserais of Iran, is situated on the ancient route from Ray to Qom, at the center of Kavir National Park in Qom Province. This structure was called Deir-e Gachin because it had a dome that was made of plaster, but now there is no such dome in the building.

Due to its age, size and significance, Deir-e Gachin Caravanserai, is sited as the Mother of Iranian Caravanserais in most sources and texts. The construction of the structure is attributed to Ardashir I of the Sassanid. The caravanserai was later reconstructed in the four-iwan form in the Seljuk and Safavid eras.

Deir-e Gachin is located in the Central District of Qom County, 80 kilometers north-east of Qom and 35 kilometers south-west of Varamin. The caravanserai consists of various sections such as the mosque, the Qajar baths, camel stables, the harem, shahneshin, the courtyard, the roof, the main entrance hall and the Sassanid courtyard.

Photos: Mostafa Meraji / ILNA

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