(Persia Digest) - Tekyeh Biglarbeygi, located in the ancient city fabric of Kermanshah, is a masterpiece of mirror work (Aina-kari) of the Qajar era in Kermanshah.

Tekyeh Biglarbeygi mansion in the old city fabric of Kermanshah is located in the old Feizabad District (Moddares Street), Sarem al-Dowleh Alley, opposite the city’s grand mosque. The construction of this Tekyeh was completed in 1315 AH by Abdullah Khan Farash Bashi, known as Biglarbeygi, one of the famous officials of Kermanshah during the Qajar era.

This Tekyeh is known as the Qajar style mirror work museum in Iran for its exquisite mirror work. On the western side of the mansion’s courtyard, a great mirror hall is built which is known as Hoseyniyeh. This hall is an outstanding example of Qajar art with great decorations and numerous inscriptions related to the reign of Mozaffar-e-Din Shah. In this building, the Calligraphy and Inscription Museum, and Paleolithic Museum is open to public.

Photos: Farzad Menati / Tasnim, Bahman Zarei / IRNA

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