(Persia Digest) - Gheshm Namakdan Cave (3N Cave), which is 6,400 meters in length, is the longest salt cave in the world.

Gheshm Salt Dome which hosts the largest salt cave in the world is located in the Geopark 90 km from Gheshm in the southwestern part of the island, along the southern coast.

The Salt Dome is considered to be among inactive salt domes. It contains less rock salt on the upper surfaces and its amount has decreased due to dissolution over time. The salt structure of this dome, which was formed by the accumulation of igneous rocks and sedimentation, along with the remains of ancient salt mines and salt springs, is in itself a unique historic natural site.

The shape of the cave is completely curved. On the entrance wall, there are colorful bands of salt and iron minerals such as hematite and oligist, and there is a pond which is 20 meters in length in the entrance.

Photos: Mohammad Hassan Salavati / Young Journalists Club

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