February 27, 2019 12:07
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(Persia Digest) -  Zavareh Grand Mosque, which is about a thousand years old, is the first four-iwan mosque in Iran which has survived since the Seljuk era.

Zavareh Grand Mosque located in Isfahan Province and adjacent to Dasht-e Kavir in Iran was built in 503 AH. It has a mihrab, stucco and exquisite inscriptions written in Kufic calligraphy. Due to the climatic conditions and the warm and dry weather of the city, this mosque is located in the center of the city between Zavareh’s historical marketplace and Hoseinieh Kuchak [small hussainiya].

According to André Godard, the French archaeologist, the mosque is the oldest mosque built from the ground up with a four-iwan plan scheme.

Photos: Hamid Vakili / Mehr, Central News Agency

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