(Persia digest) – The second sale of artworks will be on at the Iranian Artists Forum until end of August. The culture of buying artworks can be boosted by these sales and Iran has opened the path by staging auctions for a number of years now. Presently, the Visual Arts Institute of Iran has joined the trend for the past couple of years by selling artworks at a bazaar at the Artists Forum.

ILNA News Agency reports that the second sale will be from 14-20 August at the above location in association with the Institute.

The range of price is well within reach of the visitors and the event is expected to be a sell-out. 700 pieces of work will be on display from paintings, miniatures, sculptures, calligraphy, handprints, and photos. Every sold item will be replaced by another. The call to participate has been on the website since 21 May.

The first artworks sale took place in October 2016 at the Forum, when 1500 pieces of paintings, sculpture, calligraphy, ceramics, miniatures, and photos by 500 artists were sold at a grand total of five million rials in Iranian currency.

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