(Persia Digest) – A week after the flash floods in Lorestan Province, people and rescue forces are busy clearing the mass of mud from homes and cities for a return to normal life.

Last week’s flash floods in Lorestan Province left thousands homeless, especially in Pol-e Dokhtar and Mamulan. A significant part of the infrastructure has also been destroyed. A mass of mud has filled homes and villages which will take weeks to clean up.

The level of mud in parts of Pol-e Dokhtar homes and streets is said to be between 1.5-3 meters high. The villages of Mamulan, Delfan, and Doreh-Chegeni are also filled with mud from the flash floods.

Official sources have estimated damages to infrastructures in Lorestan Province to be over three thousand billion tomans to date. Damage to agricultural land is placed at 800BN tomans.

Photos: Reza Adeli, Amin Azadbakht, Habib Bayat

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