(Persia Digest) - The historic Goharan Castle is one of the monuments which belongs to the Qajar era and is located in Bashagard County, Hormozgan Province, built by local architects on a hill.

Three sides of the structure, which had a military usage, are over a precipice, and on the other side there was a large moat with a depth of 60 meters that prevented the enemy from entering the castle. The only way to enter the castle is from its eastern side. One of the wonders of this structure is a deep canal with a depth of over 200 meters which starts from inside the castle and leads to the depths of the river which provided drinking water for the castle. This castle consists of two parts: The Khan's place of residence and the soldiers' place of residence. The mortar and materials used in this structure are mud and stones.

Photos: Rahbar Emamdadi / Mehr

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