(Persia Digest) - Khusf, located 36 km west of Birjand, is the capital of South Khorasan on the edge of the desert and an old fabric and spectacular historic monuments. It has a suitable climate for growing Narcissi and is known as the land of Narcissus flower.

Khusf's historical background dates back to the pre-Islamic era. Due to its suitable climate and fertile soil, Iranian tribes have lived here since Parthian times. The old fabric of Khusf with an area of about twenty hectares contains a large number of valuable historical and cultural structures. Mosques, ab-anbars, schools, castles, Alavi and Maleki houses and the tomb of Ibn Hosam are among these valuable structures. This historic fabric in the old city of Khusf from the Safavid era, restored in subsequent eras, especially during the Qajar period, is influenced by the climatic and geographical conditions of the region.

In addition to its ancient fabric, Khusf area is the center of Narcissus cultivation in the east of the country. Currently, Narcissus is being cultivated in more than 240 hectares of land in Khusf, with an annual production of 12 million flowers worth four billion tomans.

Photos: Amin Rahmani / IRNA, Mohsen Nofrasti / Mehr

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