(Persia Digest) – The Hindu Temple is a historic monument with a unique, singular architecture in Iran which symbolizes the cultural symbiosis of the people of Iran and India.

The Hindu Temple or Bot Gori (Bot Goran) in Bandar Abbas was built in 1310 AH [1892 CE], paid for with a collection of gifts from Hindus by Indian merchants. It was completed and used at the end of Nasser-e-Din Shah's reign and during the reign of Mozaffar-e-Din Shah.

The architecture of this building reflects the beliefs of Indian soldiers who launched a military expedition under the British colonial army in the south of Iran and remained in this city.

The building has an area of 100 meters and consists of a middle rectangular room made of wood in the northern part, three rooms on the north side, one room and a staircase leading to the dome on the western side and two rooms on the south side. In the larger room, they burned incense and similar incenses. The beautiful dome of the temple, unmatched in Iran, is located over of the main hall. The Muqarnas surrounding the dome with 72 turrets are decorated with lotus patterns which are the symbol of Shiva temples.

Photos: Rahbar Emamdadi / Mehr, Nader Naseri / IRNA, Majid Eslamdoust / IMNA

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