(Persia Digest) - Ouyi or the underground city, which some people also call Naghabeh, is one of the most amazing urban architectural structures in the past which due to its size, complexity and elegance is a rare example.

This underground city is a hand-carved tunnel with three architectural spaces on three levels; the first level is at a depth of three meters and the third is at a depth of sixteen meters underground. The city, five kilometers north of Kashan, is one of the country's architectural wonders which according to reports was still being used until the end of the Qajar era.

The hand-carved architecture of Ouyi has been a hiding place in the past which indicates the insecurity in the region and the clever thinking of its inhabitants. This architecture was extended in the form of twisted tunnels in the entire underground city and even beyond during the Sassanid and early Islamic period.

Photos: Soheil Ghanbarzadeh / Sputnik


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