(Persia Digest) - Narin Ghal’eh or Narin Castle in Meybod, Yazd Province is a historical monument dating back to the Sassanid era and one of the first human settlements in Yazd Province.

Narin Castle in Meybod is a kohan dezh (ancient citadel), one of remaining adobe structures of ancient times. Kohan dezh is the name of the ancient castles built in the pre-Islamic era, mostly during the Median, Achaemenid and Parthian periods as the early form of cities.

Narin Castle, which people also call "Narenj Castle", is the most significant surviving monument of old urbanism in Meybod. It is said that this castle is one of the oldest adobe structures in the world that was built at the time of Solomon, the prophet.

According to some historical accounts, this castle had a complicated underground commute system, so that the entrance of some of these tunnels exist in different places of the citadel. It is said that an underground tunnel to the site of the black stone mill is stretched about 3 kilometers west of Meybod, the remains of which still exist. Narin Castle was nationally registered in 1975.

Photos: Shahla Heidari / IRNA

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