(Persia Digest) – On the official Iranian calendar, 20 March is a public holiday marked as the nationalization of the Iranian oil industry by Dr Mohammad Mosaddegh, Prime Minister of the time, and his efforts under the Pahlavi Dynasty. He was the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran (1951-1953), deposed by a US and British led coup after he nationalized the oil industry in Iran.


Taghi Amirani has made a documentary about the events entitled “Coup 53”, the trailer for which has been officially released. The documentary is a compilation of over forty interviews with witnesses of the coup, filmed in nine countries, exposing hours of rare tapes, film, and documents. It has been seven years in the making.

The film narrates the efforts of Dr Mosaddegh to nationalize the Iranian oil industry until the coup that deposed him. It shows previously unseen scenes of famous political figures telling their take of the story on what happened in Iran and its oil industry during the years leading to 1953.

Amirani has been able to access rare or unseen photos and films of refineries in Iran, the tomb of Mosaddegh, the cemetery of those who lost their lives in the coup, and much more. He has also had access to US archives on the coup kept in Washington DC. You can watch the official trailer of the documentary below.

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