The movie theater ‘Mirror Image’ written by Bahram Beizaei has gone on stage in Iran. Beizaei was never able to take his script to the silver screen, but it has now become a popular movie theater directed by Mohammad Rahmanian.

(Persia digest)-  Beizaei was invited to the States by Stanford University and has been living there for some time now, where he has continued his writing and staging of plays. He wrote the screenplay for ‘Mirror Image’ in 1981, but never had the opportunity to make it into a movie. It was printed twice by Damavand Publishers and Mohammad Rahmanian has now made it into a movie theater after 37 years. It is being shown at the Vahdat Hall in Tehran.

‘Mirror Image’ is Beizaei’s only work which tackles the events of the Iranian 1979 Revolution and is one of his most romantic works in essence. In the long foreword of the book, he wrote in 1981: ‘The author holds the copyright to any plays, radio shows, films, short films, movie theaters, etc… forever and a day.’

Actor Habib Rezaei, actress Behnush Tabatabaei, and the voice of actor Parviz Parastouei are in the play.

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