(Persia Digest) – The police chief for Iranian airports has said: “Iranian women with a bad hijab may be prevented from leaving the country. They will cases will be handed over to the judicial authorities.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that as the weather gets warmer in the summer, the topic of the compulsory hijab in Iran also hots up. In recent days, various judicial and law enforcement authorities have been warning women to observe the limits of the hijab set by Sharia laws in Iran.

The chief of police for Iranian airports has also announced that not wearing the hijab in airports will be dealt with seriously, adding: “Police officers will deal with cases displaying western styles of clothing.”

Commander Hassan Mehri continued: “We have our orders to deal with people who do not have a proper hijab and judicial authorities have also been giving the police excellent backup and support.”

To the question of whether these women will be prevented from leaving the country, the airports’ chief of police answered: “Yes, this is a strong possibility. Their cases will be referred to the judicial authorities.”

Iran’s deputy chief of police also said yesterday: “Not wearing the proper hijab in public places is a criminal offense and the police will seriously deal with it.”

Commander Ayub Soleimani added: “The police is looking for people who purposefully break the law where the hijab is concerned and ridicule our values.”

He continued by saying that the police will not be kind to dissenters, reiterating: “As far as the police is concerned, these are a very small percentage of the population and the police will be extremely firm with them.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that Iranian women are obliged to wear the hijab according to Islamic laws, covering their hair and bodies.

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