(Persia Digest) – Iranian goods such as ceramics, tiles, cement, carpets, saffron, and apples have become increasingly popular among Pakistanis.

IRIB news writes that Iranian goods are becoming more popular in Pakistan for their quality, safety, prices, designs, durability, environmental compatibility, and modern technology used in their manufacture.

Importer of Iranian blankets to Pakistan, Hossein Lashari, says: “Iranian goods have a very good quality and are increasingly in demand in Pakistan.”

A trader in Iranian tiles in Rawalpindi, Ali, also says: “Most tiles imported to Pakistan from Iran are of good quality with affordable prices.”

An economic analyst in Pakistan, Khorram Shiraz, believes: “Extensive building works in Pakistan require more interaction between Iranian and Pakistani companies for a better understanding of our needs here.”

Pakistan, with its large volume of imported goods, has a very high potential as an export destination for Iranian goods.

The good quality and reasonable pricing of Iranian goods as compared to similar goods imported to Pakistan has provided a good market for them here.

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