(Persia Digest) – An Iranian MP has criticized certain officials who claim Iran has no political prisoners, saying: “We have both an opposition and political prisoners in Iran.”

Iranian MP, Ali Motahari, told Etemad Newspaper in Iran: “There are no flaws in our laws where political prisoners are concerned; but some people prefer to feign ignorance. They consider a sanctity for the Islamic Republic which makes it beyond reproach. Therefore, they will not admit that we have critics and an opposition to the establishment.”

He continued: “They basically claim that we have no opposition in Iran and every person who objects is in fact a security liability. But this is not so. We have both an opposition and political prisoners in Iran. A person who is a security risk takes up arms and endangers people’s lives. It is someone who is armed and not just a critic of the establishment. Hence, these remarks have been used as leverage by intelligence services and the judiciary to consider all opposition as a security risk to exempt them from the laws describing political prisoners. This is an injustice towards the rights of the opposition.”

The MP added: “Having an opposition is not a flaw in the establishment. To claim we have no political prisoners will create distrust in people who are clearly aware that they are being lied to. People know that some have been imprisoned purely because they hold different views and are considered political prisoners. The claim that Iran has no political prisoners is completely untrue and people will not believe it.”

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